October 26, 2012

St Andrews by the Sea, NB

Sorry for the delay in posting (or missing a week altogether!)! I was getting ready to travel last weekend and then travelled to Oneida for a couple of days. Then I was wiped when I got home and guess what? I get to do it again this weekend! Yep, I'm heading out again to Oneida for the whole week! Yikes! I hope I survive it! :-)
Anyway, this week, I wanted to add some photos from St Andrews that I had taken and that I hadn't added as yet. Looking through my photos makes me wish I was back there walking on a beach! I love it down East!
1st-4th---are all photos of Seaweed! Yep! Seaweed. It's really neat and it sounds squishy when you walk on it OR it pops like bubble wrap too sometimes! Pretty cool!
5th- a cool rock formation with a pretty sky
6th-a BIG scallop shell
7th- the Pendlebury Lighthouse-it was under renovations last year...glad to see it back in order!
Next week I'll have a few more pics from this area--of some sea critters!
Have a GREAT week!

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