October 8, 2012

Huntsman Marine Science Centre

Welcome Back! This week I have photos from the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in New Brunswick...We have been here before but it now has a new name I believe and when we passed through St Andrews, NB last year, it was closed for renovations. It was open this year and looks much nicer with all the same critters!
Our favourite section is the touch tank, which is where all these photos were taken..My family loves picking them up and poking them, etc.etc.
1st Photo-Scallop that Kevin was holding
2nd Photo-the underside of a big SeaStar that Brooke was showing me
3rd Photo-A Sea Peach that Brooke was holding onto
4th Photo-a big Green Crab that Keturah was holding up
5th Photo- a couple of Sea Stars laying around
6th Photo-Keturah holding a little Hermit Crab
7th Photo-another Large Sea Star
8th Photo-Keturah holding up a little Crab
Have a GREAT week!

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