May 13, 2012

A Lone Pelican

Here are some shots of a pelican, taken at Murrell's Inlet. The last few years we have been here, there have been a bunch of pelicans..this year, we only saw 1 at this location and he wasn't very cooperative for pictures!

These are the only good shots I got of him! The third one is my favourite..I love his little beady eye! The 4th & 5th pics are ones of him making a landing..not very graceful in the least, but cool to watch. The last photo is the best one I got of him on a pole.

I do have more photos of pelicans (of course I do!) from another location, which I will include soon. I think those ones are juvenile ones as their coloring is very different from this guy's coloring.

Well, next weekend is the long weekend and we are off to the Algonquin Area. Wish me luck in getting some good shots of SOMETHING! :-) You just never know there--I had a couple of trips where I found moose and other animals to shoot and some trips where I didn't find anything to shoot!

Have a GREAT week!

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