May 27, 2012

The Downy Woodpecker Family

We stayed in a cottage at a place called Oxtongue Lake Cottages and across the driveway from our cottage and right behind another cottage was this tree with a nest with baby woodpeckers in it. Well, we didn't actually see the babies, but we heard them! Boy, they were noisy! You'd think they'd be quieter given that their nest was only 3 feet off the ground and there was a big cat wandering around the premises!

Anyway, I didn't get pictures of the babies, but got some shots of the parents, who both came to feed the babies, approximately every 15 minutes throughout the daytime! The parents also got quite noisy, if we were too close to the nest! They were amusing to watch while we were there and we eventually got used to the chirping of the babies.

The first three shots are of the mother checking out the nest.
4th shot-is of the empty was dark in the nest, so I took a shot to see if any babies might show up. I think the babies were in the hole and then down.
5th shot-is the father up in the tree, bringing some treats for the babies
6th shot-the mother checking to see if the coast is clear!
7th shot-another of the mother going into the nest

Well, that's it for today! Enjoy your week!

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Becky Lee said...

hi Sue! nice pictures of the downy woodpecker. I was so surprised to see one on my balcony ... I hope they come back now that they know food is out there.

Becky :)