May 21, 2012

The Algonquin Park Moose

Well, we had a great time near Algonquin Park again this sure went by fast though! The weather was a tad bit too hot for my taste and I'm still trying to get the sunscreen and bug spray off, but I survived it! Having a 2-bedroom cottage isn't exactly roughing it, but it's my idea of camping out! :-)

We enjoyed some relaxing time at the cottage on the beach, had a campfire or two, went on a pontoon boat cruise, went to the Muskoka Wildlife Centre, hung out in Huntsville and Bracebridge, hiked one trail in Algonquin and enjoyed some fireworks too!

On Sunday, my lovely family volunteered to come with me to Algonquin Park, not to hike, mind you, but to look for moose. I read that the peak time to see them is between 6am-9am, so we got up at 6am, got dressed, had some toast/coffee and then hit the park. We were rewarded for our efforts as we saw 2 moose, which are below.

The first two pics show how hard they might be to see, as they are the same colour as the trees, especially in the early morning light!

The third pic was the best one of the second moose.

The 4th pic is similar, but he has his tongue sticking out, so I included that...I think he's sticking out to all the people who stopped to see him and scare him away from the cattails that he was no doubt enjoying. I don't blame him, sometimes I just want to do that too! :-)


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Anonymous said...

really nice pics Sue, sounds like U guys has an awesome weekend.