August 11, 2009

We're Home!

Well, after a very long day of driving (12hrs), we arrived home on Saturday night about 9pm. We all agree that it was a great vacation and can't wait til the next one! What to do next year?

Anyway, here are some pictures of covered bridges. We noticed A LOT of them in New Brunswick. There would always be a sign with an arrow pointing to where it was, so we checked out a couple of them and then the third one below, the Hartland Bridge, we had planned to visit. On our way down, it was raining, so we skipped it and planned to stop on the way back and of course, on the way back, it was raining in that area too! I took pictures anyway and we also walked across it and back as it is the longest covered bridge in the world, being 1282 ft long.

Here are the bridges we got to see below:

1st pic-Sawmill Creek Bridge, 1905

2nd pic-Kevin pointing out the Little Lepreau River, Millpond, 1910

3rd pic-Hartland Covered Bridge, 1901


Shadyn said...

I remember going through that bridge! Me and my grampie made a model of it for a project in Grade 2.

keturah said...

I ran almost the whole long bridge :) exhausting!

Keturah said...

Put some pictures of that baby lama at the zoo on here :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Keturah, get off the computer and clean your room!


Keturah said...

No I'm allergic to cleaning :D