August 2, 2009

Walking on the Ocean Floor....

Here are some pics from the Hopewell Rocks Exploration Park where we visited yesterday for about 3 hours. It was very hot yesterday, about 35 degrees with the humidity. It was pretty nice on the ocean floor, as the wind and waves were blowing and keeping us cool. We found a nice shelter in the shade for lunch, which was nice and cool as well!

This has been my favourite place to visit during this trip. I took a ton of pictures here, okay, maybe not a ton, but about 500 anyway! The tides that come in and go out again just amaze the title says, we were walking on the ocean floor, which you don't do everyday! We didn't stick around to see the high tide, but the pictures we've seen are amazing. We headed to Saint John after that, but stopped at a little place called Cape Enrage, where we walked on the beach and in the Bay of Fundy---the water was freezing!

We have had a good trip so far and have seen a lot of the countryside in New Brunswick. We are now in a little tourist town on the south tip of New Brunswick, called St. Andrews by the Sea! We just got here and went down to the beach and walked on the wharf and did a bit of shopping in the little gift shops here..pretty cool so far, we'll do more tomorrow I'm sure!

We are staying at the Blue Moon motel, which is a log home--reminds me a of a cottage. We have lots of room anyway, which is pretty good and the price was right too!

Anyway, I will try to post again when I can...We have just been keeping so busy until bedtime most days or the girls have my laptop, chatting with their friends, so my computer time is limited! We will have to come back to work to get a rest I think!

1st pic-rock formation called the flowerpot rocks
2nd pic-if you look closely, you can see Keturah and Kevin waving up at us
3rd pic-the ocean floor
4th pic-Brooke and Keturah in front of a big rock

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Shadyn said...

It looks really pretty there. Like in commercials lol