August 5, 2009

Grand Manan Island

We have been on Grand Manan Island since Monday. We stayed in St. Andrews for a couple of days and I have included 3 pictures below from the aquarium there and then the last two pics were taken on the Island here. It's been a beautiful 3 days with awesome weather, well, except 1/2 day today was very foggy! We have driven around the whole Island and walked on every beach we could find---collecting rocks, shells and glass and other treasures! We have been watching for seals and whales at various coves too. We did see some seals, but no luck with the whales and after our Bay of Fundy boat cruise last year, nobody wanted to try it again this year (except Brooke)!!!

Unfortunately our holiday will soon be over and we'll be back in good old Napanee, wishing we were back on this Island!

Here are today's pics:

1st pic-Harbour seal looking for some fish!
2nd pic-Hermit crab
3rd pic-Green crab
4th pic-Swallowtail lighthouse (the most photographed lighthouse ever!)
5th pic-Fishing boats at the Grand Manan wharf

Enjoy and see you all soon!

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