March 29, 2009

March Break Fun!

We went to Sandy Lane Resort in scenic Minden, Ontario to spend a few days at a cottage and here are the pictures! We enjoyed Cross-country skiing, snow-tubing and hiking in Algonquin Park. Everyone seemed to have fun, except for maybe the hiking (the trail we picked was 5.6km long and snow covered, icy, hilly, etc.etc, but that's another posting!)

Here are some pictures of the cottage, the girls cross-county skiing, Brooke practising going over the hill (it's harder than it looks!) and Keturah and Dad going down the snow-covered hill...It was quite weird because when we left Napanee, there was NO snow at all and then up there, that's all we saw, plus the girls were skiing and we were walking on Hall's Lake which was still frozen solid! Luckily, it was still quite warm--around plus 8!!


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