March 14, 2009


Here are a few headshots of critters taken at the farm last weekend. It was a beautiful spring day and I think a few of the horses had the spring fever as they were not being very "cooperative" and were bucking and knocking their riders off and getting spooked by other horses...Luckily, Keturah managed to stay on, when her horse spooked.

We are going up north for a few days as we rented a cottage to have a mini-holiday over the March Break. I know, most people are going down south and here we are going up north...I miss the snow already!! Hopefully we'll see some up near Algonquin. We hope to do some hiking there too and it would be nice to see some critters, but I won't hold my breath....maybe I'll just shoot landscapes and scenics. I'll hopefully have some good shots to post upon our return!

Have a Great Week!

1st-Harmony, the mule, posing, after eating all my carrots.
2nd-Nikki, the horse Keturah rides...she also bought her the halter she has on...doesn't she look cute in pink?
3rd-Kali, a pretty spotted horse hanging out in the barn, after class
4th-Zeus in the barn, looking surprised, by the flash I think!

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