March 31, 2009

Hiking in Algonquin

Of course, we didn't see very much wildlife in Algonquin Park...I think that's a given with us!!! Anyway, we did see a few woodpeckers, bluejays, chickadees and a squirrel or two! While we were there we hiked BAT LAKE TRAIL, which was 5.6 km long and it was VERY long...It took us about 2.5hours and was very snowy, icy with steep inclines at times, which was kind of scary at some points! We did not see another hiker on this trail!

After that we went to the visitor centre, because we were very hungry and thirsty too. We read the notice board where they post wildlife sightings and nobody was seeing anything bigger than a fisher, so I felt a bit better about that! Kevin was going to post that he saw 1 cranky wife and 2 tired and hungry kids, but I'm sure a lot of people saw those!!!

We did go to the Logging Museum Trail as well, which was only about 1.5km, but we didn't walk through the whole thing, just halfway. We also drove from one end of the park to the other, just saw lots of snow and ice!

On the way back to the cottage in Minden, we saw a lot of deer, right beside the road, we saw over 20, I think...the girls were keeping track.

Anyway, on to today's pics....

1st-Keturah standing next to a big icefall
2nd-a scenic shot from the trail
3rd-a woodpecker who was high up in the tree

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