January 21, 2018

More Zoo Animals

Toronto, Ontario

Welcome back!

This week I have a variety of different critters from the Toronto Zoo.

First up, is the Grevy's Zebra. I highlighted him a bit last week, but he was kind of hidden behind trees, etc...so here's his whole body! :-)

Next three pics are of the African Lion...just lazying about on a sunny day! I can't blame him!

Next pic is that of the African Penguins. They were not on display, but I got this pic of them being rounded up for something in the back of their enclosure...They are still so cute!

Next two pics are of the Scarlet Ibis...such a pretty bird! I love his long beak too!

Last pic is of a Blue-crowned Motmot...Another very colourful bird.

Well, that is all for this week! Come back next week for some more animals from the zoo!

Have a great week!

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