January 4, 2018

More From The Toronto Zoo

Toronto, Ontario

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I can't believe we are in 2018 already..time flies when you are having fun, I guess!

We enjoyed our time visiting family in Ontario, but it sure was cold there as well as a ton of snow, which we were lucky enough to drive thru...I say that sarcastically! :-)

Anyway, we are now home and relaxing a bit before we are back to work...

Here are some different animals this time, some wild, some not so...

The first three pics are of the Greater Kudu, who is found in the African Savanna area. The next pic and the only good one I got is of the River Hippopotamus who is also from Africa. The rest of the pics are of a Canadian Goose family and its various members, who were out enjoying the sun with a swim through one of the water areas. Too cute not to take a couple of pics, right?

Enjoy your week!

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