March 20, 2016

Bird Kingdom, Pt.12

Bird Kingdom, Niagara Falls, ON

Welcome Back!

This week I am highlighting more birds from the larger aviary at the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls...Hard to believe this was 1 year ago! How time flies. This March break, I worked every day. Others were off at work, so I had to stay and slave away! I love it, so it wasn't that big a hardship! :-)

These birds are:
1st-Senegal Dove
2nd-Scarlet Ibis
3rd-Eastern Rosella
4th-Nicobar Pigeon (amazingly colourful feathers)
5th-Eastern Rosella
6th-Scarlet Ibis

This week did go by fast and as mentioned, I worked right through the March Break! Kevin was off and finally finished some of the ongoing renos. Keturah moved out to her own apartment in Kingston, so I moved my craft room/computer room into her old bedroom, so now I don't have to go down into the cold basement when I want to craft!

We went to visit Brooke in Waterloo yesterday..we stocked her up on groceries, took her shopping, went to the park and for a nice dinner at Ennio's (we made reservations this time!) We got home around 11pm last night, so am a bit tired today..oh well, I should sleep well tonight!

Have a great week!

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