June 21, 2015

Anchorage Provincial Park, Grand Manan Island, NB

Anchorage Provincial Park, Grand Manan Island

Welcome Back!

This week I have some photos from the Red Point Beach, which I call it, but really, it is the Red Point of the Anchorage Provincial Park. The tide is low in these pics and you can see for miles, it seems. It's a beautiful area and even has a few critters...we saw these green crabs as we were beach combing for rocks, glass, etc. So, being my crazy family, they were picking them up and taking selfies with them, etc... :-) More from this area next week too!

This week at school, I wrote and passed the Accounting Exam! Yay! It was a really hard one and it was also closed book. I needed 70% to pass and I got 76%! Good enough for me! :-) I'm so glad it is over! I then started Marketing and finished it..but now I have to study and then write the exam and then I will be all done at Academy of Learning! It did go quite fast, I guess because I enjoyed it so much (except for PHP and Accounting!) :-)

We had a graduation ceremony this week for myself and a few other ladies who graduated from the Medical Assistant Program. I was the only Web Design graduate! It was cool and a chance to see a few of my friends who graduated a few weeks ago and are no longer at AOL.

We are off to take Kevin out for his Father's Day dinner to The Works! Should be good! 

Happy Father's Day! Have a great week!

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