January 18, 2015

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Welcome Back!

This week I'm highlighting some photos of the falls in Grand Falls, NB. This is a small town in New Brunswick with tourism centered around the falls. This year, it was really disappointing. I think a combination of the generating station and dry weather made the falls almost non-existent! The view of the rocks and valleys, still make it an interesting place to visit, but, boy were we shocked to see almost no water! I think a lot of people who stopped were disappointed... The last photo I included below is one I took in 2012 of the exact same falls...what a difference a couple of years make!

Well, this week went by fast again..I  keep saying that, but its oh so true! School was good...I finished the Dreamweaver course, finished a Fundamentals of Typography course and started an Information Design Course. It's all about setting up websites and the pre-planning that should go into creating a website...interesting so far!

Keturah had an information session for the Vet Tech program at Algonquin College in Ottawa and went up on the train on Thursday. She also had to write the HOAE test on Friday, so I went up on Friday to pick her up, but also to drive her to the test...While she did that, I went and got our passports renewed..wow, it was crazy busy...everyone's planning to travel I guess. We may or may not need ours...We may go away again on March Break...not sure yet...Brooke might go away on reading week, but Keturah is for sure going on a trip to Europe with her school in May, so, she definitely needed hers...We stayed for dinner with our friends and then headed home..it was a long day...

We went to check out some cars yesterday...mine is starting to act up again...warning lights coming on and off, so it might be time to get a newer one, as I don't want to get stranded along the side of the road! :-)

 The falls in 2012!

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