October 4, 2013

A Few From The Zoo!

Welcome Back!

This time I'm highlighting a few different critters that we found along the African Savanna trail. Ones that I didn't get enough photos to highlight them on their own. One critter here isn't found in the African Savanna, I would guess, but you  just never know as I've seen them all over the USA, so maybe they've travelled farther! 

1st Photo- White Rhinoceros
2nd Photo- Canada Goose
3rd-5th Photos- Grevy's Zebra
6th & 7th Photos- Sable Antelope (the black one is the male)

Next time I'll be highlighting the White Lion--gorgeous cats!

Well, I've not accomplished much this week as I've been trying to get rid of this cold--getting lots of rest and fluids! I still have a nasty cough left but am starting to feel human once again...just in time for the weekend!

Have a great one!

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