July 1, 2012

My Favourite Feathered Friend!

Yep, this is the "folder" everyone has been dreading..my favourite bird..the brown pelican! It was really hard to narrow it down to about 30 photos of the cute little guys, but I managed..sorry if some of these look the same..I liked the photo for some reason or I wouldn't have included it...I really wanted to just add all 210 of them! So, you know what you'll be getting for the next couple of weeks! :-)

Anyway, these were taken at the Calabash waterfront. We stopped there for lunch (at Captain Nance's) after visiting an awesome giftshop called Callahan's of Calabash..it is in North Carolina and was about 35 mins from our hotel.

These guys were eyeballing a fisherman who was cleaning fish. We asked the fisherman questions about the pelicans as you can see some have different colouring, but he wasn't very helpful! :-D

And since today is July 1st...Happy Canada Day! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Til next week...

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