April 29, 2012

Brown Pelicans

Here are some shots of the Brown Pelican, taken at the Alligator Adventure once again. This guy is not a resident of the AA, but was having a rest on a fence near the very back of the park. Pelicans have to be one of my favourite birds! Sorry if the pictures look like the same shot, but there was something about each of these that I liked, his eye, his pose, etc! The 5th picture is not the best, but I wanted to include his wing span...it should have been shot horizontal, but I didn't have time to switch angles or he would have been done stretching! The last photo is my favourite and shows he was watching us as much as I was watching him!

I do have more photos of pelicans taken at a different spot that I'll include in a few weeks. Next week I will include some other bird shots from the Alligator Adventure, then that will be it for that folder (I think!)

On Another Note: Happy Anniversary to SMaracle Photography Blog...It's been going for 4 years as of yesterday! Hard to believe it's been that long...seems like yesterday when I started it! Time sure flies!

Have a GREAT week!

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