May 18, 2009

They Do Exist!!!

We headed up once again to Algonquin Park on the weekend to look for the ever-elusive moose. I was beginning to think they didn't exist, until this weekend that is! We left Friday afternoon and got home this afternoon, so we are all pretty tired out!!

We stayed in Minden at the cottage resort where we stayed on the march break. We had a 2 storey cottage this time and lots more room too! The only downside of the weekend was the weather, it was rainy and cold on Saturday and on Sunday, it was cold and snowy (light) at times!

We drove through Algonquin park on Saturday and didn't do any hiking because it was raining off and on, but we did manage to see 2 moose that day...I guess they didn't mind the rain!

On Sunday we planned to go back after lunch and do some hiking and despite the snow and cold temps, we did! We hiked the Spruce Bog Trail and the Lookout Trail. The spruce bog is a very easy trail, but the lookout one, was rated as difficult, because the first 1/2 is up-hill. We made it though! It was actually a nice day for hiking, not too hot, not too cold and NO bugs!

We were on our way out of the park when we saw two more moose!!! I jumped out of the van for the one who was eating/drinking along side the, I was probably 25 feet away from him, maybe. Lots of people stopped to see and take his picture. He didn't seem to mind and stuck around for about 10mins or so and I've included 3 of the pictures of him below.

I am so excited to finally get shots of this elusive creature...I guess now, I know what time of year to go if I need more moose pictures!!!

Now, what should my next challenge be? We are planning to go back to Taddoussac, Quebec in July for a holiday and go whale-watching, so maybe getting a good beluga shot will be my next challenge!



Melissa said...

Cool pics Susan! The last one looks as though she's smiling for you!! haha!

paigie said...

hey i think i told brooke that i named that moose "moosiemoo"

Susan said...

well, that's a good name for it! lol