May 31, 2009


Last night we went for a hike around the Napanee River and saw the baby geese! We have seen them by the water on the way to work, but they are far away and I don't take my camera to work with me, so we couldn't get shots of them until last night.

There were 7 families of geese with a total of 36 goslings (that I could count). They were various ages/sizes too and each family had a mother and father single parents!!lol

They stuck around while we were feeding them some bread. It was cute because the parents would push the bread towards their babies or push the baby over toward the bread.

We also saw the heron again, but it seems like I got the same head shots/body shots of him as I did last week...I did get him catching a fish, so I'll try to add that this week.


Paige said...

aww! how cute!

Susan said...

yes, they are sooo adorable!