January 5, 2009

Snowy Owls

As mentioned, yesterday we headed to Amherst Island to check out the birds there. I had found out from the resources/newletters of the Kingston Field Naturalist (we're members), that the Island was a great place to see tons of different birds/hawks/owls...so off we went for a day of adventure!

We saw a few hawks first off and then we started seeing these white owls...we couldn't believe that there are snowy owls so close to home! I didn't get any close up shots of the hawks as they are so skittish and take off at the slightest sound.

We saw most of the owls right from the car and I would get out and try to get as close as I could to take their picture. I felt like an owl-chaser!! We then took a stroll through the Owl Woods--and yep, you guessed it, no owls! We did however see a lot of smaller birds that were red, green, pink, etc.etc..I will post them at some point too (I have to try to identify them first). We saw quite a few of these owls on various fence posts, telephone poles and in trees. We saw a couple of them flying and a couple looked like they were fighting too. PRETTY COOL!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them!!!


Melissa said...

Wow! Susan! The Snowy Owls look great! I never get to see things like this..I need to get out more often. Hey...you still want to go to the zoo in March?

Susan said...

Thanks, I can't believe we saw so many in one area and so close to home!!!

Yes, I definitely want to go to the zoo!!! Just let me know...Were you thinking the March Break??? We usually go then, but it is alot more busier than usual! I can take a day off sometime if you wanted to go after the break!