January 11, 2009

Short Eared Owl

Today we headed over to Amherst Island again, mostly because the girls didn't want to do any actual "hiking" :-)...So, we drove around the island and saw only a couple of snowy owls, but they were fairly far away to shoot clearly.

We then drove by the Owl Woods area and saw some flying things (we saw about 5-6 altogether) we thought were hawks (brown)...Anyway, we saw one land on a fence post and noticed it wasn't a hawk, but an owl. I shot quite a few pics of it (he wasn't even paying attention to us, he was watching for the other owls).

When we got home, I googled it to see what kind it was..It looks to me like a short-eared owl. Anyway, here are some shots of it, sitting on the fence post. He's pretty cute!

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