October 9, 2008

A Few Fall Pics...

Here are some pictures I took on Sunday. I had volunteered for a research project and had to take some pictures on the Tyendinaga Territory. So, while I was taking those pictures, I managed to take a few fall shots.

These were all taken at the Salmon River on the Territory...It was a beautiful spot. I haven't seen too many colourful trees as yet...We only have pine trees in our yard and I think those are best shot with snow on them!

On a good note, we are heading up to Algonquin Park on Sat and Sun to go hiking and take some pictures...so, I'm hoping to get some really good "fall" shots there.

I may not be able to post until Monday, so I wish all my readers (all 3 of you!) a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!


Paige said...

Its so pretty!

Susan said...