October 13, 2008

Awesome Algonquin!

Yep, I have to admit, I enjoyed my time in Algonquin Park...The photo opportunities for scenic, fall shots were awesome. We stayed overnight in Bancroft and they have wonderful fall colours there too, as well as the drive up there.

We left early on Sunday to head up to Algonquin and it was about a 45 min drive from Bancroft. We went to 4 different trails along the Hwy 60 corridor, those being the Logging Museum Trail, Beaver Pond Trail, Spruce Bog Boardwalk and Peck Lake Trail. We put about 7kms on our runners! We'd probably have done more, but by afternoon, the trails were getting so busy, it was crazy! But, what we did do, was great---the weather was awesome too--started out at 2 degrees and went up to about 22 by the afternoon.

We also drove from one end of the park to the other. We stopped at the visitor centre as they have a museum, cafeteria and lookout there. We also stopped at Opeongo Lake, as that is where all the Moose sightings were and yep, you guessed it, we didn't see ANY moose. We barely saw any wildlife at all actually...a couple of birds, a couple of snakes and a couple of frogs. Probably because it was quite busy!

I'm already planning to go back next year! Here are the shots for today!

1st pic: Logging Museum Trail (love the tree's reflection)
2nd pic: Brewer Lake Lookout
3rd pic: Beaver Pond Trail
4th pic: Beaver Pond Trail
5th pic: Algonquin Park Visitor Centre-lookout
6th pic: Peck Lake Trail
7th pic: Peck Lake Trail-fall leaves

More pics to come!!! Enjoy!

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