November 16, 2017

Toronto Zoo Animal Photos

Toronto, Ontario

 Welcome back!

Sorry, I've been MIA for quite awhile...I started a job as a Job Coach to a young autistic man and I work two days per week with him. It's been quite a blast, but tiring as well! :-) I've also been working on my card creations, getting a Facebook page ready and posting pics, etc.

Keturah also came for a visit so we tried to get out and enjoy the weather when we could. We still enjoy going out, even when it's cold...we just bundle up! Today is a rainy day, so I'm  catching up on computer work. I had to go through the next folder of pics on my hard drive and found these zoo pics...Brooke and I went back in June 2015 and these are some from that visit...

A white rhinoceros, paper white butterflies, clouded leopard and some fish. The last four are behind glass, so they aren't the best I've done! :-)

Have a great week!

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