January 8, 2017

Algonquin Park Moose, Pt. 2

Algonquin Park, Ontario

Welcome Back!

This week I am highlighting more of the moose shots from Algonquin Park, taken in May 2016. I get alot of the first shot, sadly....If we get there too late, they are often heading back into the woods...sometimes, they stick around for quite awhile, eating cattails and drinking the salty water along the road side. Sometimes they even cross the road...

They are pretty easy to shoot, as they just kinda stand there, they don't move too fast, at least we haven't seen any move overly fast, but heard they can...

Probably the worst thing about shooting them, is the lighting...sometimes, it's too sunny and you have to play with the lighting options on your camera, but that's what makes photography fun..playing with your tools! 

Have a great week!

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