April 5, 2015

Sunsets at Long Eddy Point Lighthouse, Grand Manan Island, NB

Long Eddy Point Lighthouse

Welcome Back!

This time I have more photos of the beautiful sunsets at the Long Eddy Point Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick.

These are all of the sun setting---no lighthouse to be found this week!

Another week went zooming by..probably because it was a 3 day week for me! I had a medical appointment on Monday...I'm still working on Dreamweaver II. Love it...creating a lot of websites along the way!

Brookie came home for Easter on Thursday...we met her at the Whitby Go station...tried that route this time...it didn't seem too bad for us, but she still had a lot of travelling and bus changes! :-)

Friday, we finally got out hiking to Lemoine's Point in Kingston. It was a beautiful day, but the trails were kind of muddy and/or slippery from the slush! On Saturday the girls and I went out shopping for the day. Today, we are heading to take Brooke to catch her train to go back to Waterloo, Keturah is off to work and Kev and I will be going for a turkey dinner at my sister's...Yumm!

Happy Easter!


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