August 26, 2012

Great Egrets!

Here are some photos of Great Egrets, taken at Wacatee Zoo. These guys are not part of their animal display...well, I guess they are, but they are from the wild and have taken up residence at the zoo. In the zoomed out photo you can see they make their nests here and there are 100s of them in this area! They are pretty cool to watch as they interact with each other and fly around, build nests, etc. etc.

I love the picture below of just it's behind (#5)..looks like a duster of some sort and then the one photo looks like he has some static cling going on(#9)!

Sorry for adding so many, but I have another 10 or so to add next week and I wanted to split them into 2 weeks, not three!

Enjoy! More next week!

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