February 24, 2012

The Woodpecker!

Hello Everyone!

This week I'm doing an early and quick post! I'm tuckered out today after attending a Hedley concert last night..totally worth it though! Tomorrow I have my 2 neices coming to stay over (ages 3 and 6mos), so plan to clean the house and prepare for them! On Sunday I have a scrapbook party to attend and then getting ready to head to Oneida to do some training on Mon-Tues!

Wow, so not looking forward to being so busy...oh well, maybe I can sleep in tomorrow!

We did get to the zoo as hoped on Monday (Family Day)..Of course every family in Toronto also decided to do the same thing! Anyway, I did not get any pictures of the baby polar bear..And I must make a correction to my last post, he was born in October of last year, not the previous December as I had mentioned. Anyway, I did get some different pics than I usually do, but have not had time to go through them all yet.

So this week, I'm including some photos of the woodpecker that we saw in Lemoine's Point. He landed right on Kevin's hand. We were surprised that he took bread as they usually eat insects! I believe this one is called the Downy Woodpecker.

Enjoy...more pics next week!

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