November 1, 2010

Our Newest Family Member!

Yep, here is the newest member of the Maracle Family! He is as yet un-named...any suggestions? He's a skinny pig! (A hairless guinea pig) Keturah bought this little guy on the weekend and he is just so may not think so looking at him, but he is way cuter in person! haha He may need a sweater or coat to live at our house as it is usually cool in the winter, but none of us know how to knit! Oh Oh!

Anyway, on another note, I have finished my portrait photography course. I have to admit it was quite boring and not all that informative, as I've learned most of the information in another course I took last year! Oh well, I didn't need all that spare time anyway right? :-)

Anyway here is the un-named skinny pig (my suggestion was fluffy!)

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