September 5, 2010

Maine Wildlife

Sorry for not posting in so long...I've been super busy at work preparing for the new school year and so didn't even want to look at my laptop when I got home! HAHA Anyway, have some downtime this morning, so I am updating finally!! Here are some pictures of wildlife we saw while visiting Bar Habor, Maine. We saw most of these critters while cruising on the Sea Princess, which was a nice quiet boat cruise through some of the islands and harbors of Maine. The pictures are kind of dreary-looking and that is because it was an overcast day and was actually raining just before we got on the boat. They cruise rain or shine and the boat had a canopy to protect us and they handed out blankets to keep warm!

1st Pic-Seal---seen in the harbour before we got on the boat
2nd Pic-a Loon-saw this little guy/gal out in the water while on the cruise (they blend in well with the water)
3rd Pic-an Osprey-saw this guy out on a navigational beacon where he/she built their nest
4th Pic-a Cormorant-saw this one in the harbour area as well..He was shaking the water off his feathers
5th Pic-Maracle Girls-saw these on the dock before we got on the boat...they were goofing around for the camera!


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