March 6, 2010

Open Wide

Here are some shots of the Big Cats taken at the Toronto Zoo, when my friend Melissa and I went yesterday. Our sole reason for going was to practice our photography and try to get some good shots. I think we did.

All the cats seemed very lazy as they were laying around on an awesome sunny day, but we caught them all yawning in these pictures below. Some of them do look quite scary, showing off their teeth, but they weren't, they were just caught in a "yawn".

I'll add some normal shots of them next time!

Here are a: snow leopard, caracal lynx, cheetah, female lion, male lion and an amur tiger.


Paigie! said...

I love them!!!
i really like the male lion!

Melissa said...

They look great Sue! I love how we got them all yawning! Life is rough! lol. I will either post mine on Facebook or email you some to see.

Susan Maracle said...

Thanks Paige!!

I'd love to see some of yours too Melissa!!!

Melissa said...

I wonder if we should have had our ISO up higher...such as 400 or so? I have been looking at other wildlife photographers photos and they seem to be shooting at higher ISO's (400-800). I know that mine was only at 200. Maybe a test for future photo shoots!

Susan Maracle said...

Yeah, it might help with the indoor shots, which turn out kind of dark... The ones I used my external flash turned our pretty good though!!