April 24, 2009

Road Trip!

Since the beginning of April, I have been working a 3-day week and so have two extra days off per week. Since then, I have spent all these days doing laundry and cleaning the house, so today I decided to have a "ME" day and head out with my camera!

It was such a beautiful day, so I drove to the ferry and headed over to Amherst Island to see what I could see! I saw a lot of little birds and quite a few hawks, then about 2 hours into my trip, I saw this Snowy owl and spent 1/2 hour with him, taking various shots. Thank goodness, the roads weren't busy as I was standing in the middle of the road for most of this time!

The only downside of the day is that my car is now disgustingly dusty!!! Inside and out..the joys of dirt roads!

So, here are the fruits of my labour today! I will post other bird shots next time!


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