April 28, 2008

Whoo Whoo

Whoo's that pretty bird? This is an owl I shot (well with my camera anyway) at the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area (north of Kingston) on the March Break. It was so cool---Kevin actually noticed it from like 300 feet away or so and when I zoomed in my camera, I could just barely make out the fact that it was an owl.

So, we hiked to the other side of the area, where he was sitting on a branch and lo and behold he was still there. We had to walk in deep snow and I actually sunk down into it about to my knees in a swamp area, but it was well worth it. He wasn't scared at all and just sat there on his branch posing for me!

A once-in-a-lifetime shot I'm sure...This convinced me that I love nature/outdoor photography the best!


Melissa said...

This is a great, Susan!

Melissa said...

I meant to say, "this is a great shot, Susan!"